The experts of Domus Optimus and unanimously agree that the new built apartment should be equipped with smart home content.

Skyedge Fibaro HCL

What is the reason?

The answer is simple: the future has arrived. A Basic smart home package is a small portion of the price of a new home however it is beneficial in economic and safety reasons. Besides, it can make smoother the everyday life of the owner in many aspects, therefore it should be taken into account already at the planning phase.

The Fibaro Micro Skyedge edition is compiled in a way which makes possible any further extensions and additional devices according to any kind of needs and functions without limits.

What is included in the Fibaro Micro Skyedge edition?

Starter Kit

Our package contains a Fibaro Starter Kit including the “brain” of smart home furthermore a selection of the most important sensors and a programmable socket.

Beyond the composition of Fibaro official Starter further devices are added to the Micro package according to the expectation of our experts. Based on the individual needs Skyedge edition includes a module with 6 different controls (more details of modules):




The official technical partner of Domus Optimus and is the Smartme Kft. the official distributor of Fibaro equipment.