Smart home Comfort package is configured on the basis of Micra package extended with all the functions to reach a comprehensive automatized “smarted” version.

Fibaro Comfort

What are the extras in addition to the Micro package?

When designing the package our primer objective was to ensure all the comfort functions in every place of the apartment, which can be expected from a smart home. The content of the micro package is an important base for the system extended with further functions such as the control of heating system and air condition. The integrated alarm system is included to the package as well.

What is included in the Fibaro Comfort Skyedge edition?

Starter Kit

As it was introduced in case of the Micro package the strength of the Fibaro smart home system is its simplicity. Let us start at the Basic package, which includes a Fibaro Starter Kit: the “brain” of the smart home is the most important sensors plus a programmable socket. In order to create a real smart home the Fibaro Comfort Skyedge edition is recommended which makes possible the control of 3 lighting circles, all the shutters, air conditioning, heating and a full set of alarm system.


The official technical partner of Domus Optimus and is the Smartme Kft. the official distributor of Fibaro equipment.