Domus Optimus Ltd. and its innovational partner presents the smart home applications, the FIBARO automatic home system

The FIBARO automatic home system of follows your special needs and expectations. It helps you to monitor and control from distance all the electric devices of your home.

FIBARO lightning controll

Lighting shall be as simple as possible, still tailor-made to your needs! 

FIBARO Multimedia controll

You choose the music in each room - your favourites will follow you according to your preferences.

FIBARO shutter controll

You can control the shutter, blinds or sunshade according to the outer temperature and the time of day.

FIBARO Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors will ensure the safety of you and your family everywhere in your flat.

FIBARO temperature controll

Setting of temperature in winter and summer according to your needs on graphic surface!

FIBARO camera

Control your flat from distance. The camera view will appear on your smart phone.

Why the FIBARO of

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Increased safety
Because our home is valuable at most and we would like to protect it as much as we can.

It can be installed without any demolition
Ideal and fast solution at your present home meanwhile it can be removed easily if you move. You should not give up what you get used to.
Outstanding comfort
When the invisible comfort is surrounding you in your everyday life.

Opportunity for reducing costs
You can save money meanwhile your comfort will increase. Your investment will be beneficial.
High compatibility
The capability of the system will be limited only by your fantasy in order to satisfy the increasing demands.

Stable wireless communication
Z-wave standardised communication makes possible the mesh of devices even in a multi storey house, extending to all chambers.


The FIBARO smart home system is permanently controlling and monitoring the status of its elements and sending information if necessary i.e. regarding any changes or the exhausted batteries. Furthermore the system makes a copy of the actual settings and saves it in the cloud services.

You were in a hurry to your working place in the morning and you are not sure whether you switched off the iron? You do not need to turn back half way because you can check it on your mobile phone through the FIBARO system and switch off if necessary.

Mobil App


It is easy to configure our smart home through the graphic surface. We can modify the settings of our devices, define easier emotion pictures by any kind of PC without the intervention of an expert. Obviously the design of a more sophisticated intelligence requires programming knowledge and system level approach. It can result in an exciting cooperation between the user and the installer team of

Okosotthon program


The official technical partner of Domus Optimus and is the Smartme Kft. the official distributor of Fibaro equipment.



Calibrated for you - Let the life move into your house



Maximal safety



Select a package according to the needs.