Our company, Domus Optimus  is funded and owned by Hungarian experts and constructors having a wide range of experience in the Hungarian property development sector. Our main purpose is the creation of high quality apartments in the city centre of Budapest. Our goal is to satisfy extra demands with special focus on the future trends and expectations. We are paying special attention to the best available technologies, therefore our apartments can be equipped by Skyedge smart home packages,  as a choice of our customers. You can step into the home of the future!


Vörösmarty 75. building permit, is under construction!

apartments for investors


It is a favourable area for investors - not by accident. The apartments located in Budapest can provide 6-8% margin based on rental statistics, which is definitely higher than traditional investments. The high resale value is guaranteed.

No doubt that it is a good choice to purchase properties in the Hungarian capital. These homes can be utilised for short term rentals as well. The target audience of potential tenants are less sensitive to the price and highly appreciate the individual design and high quality.



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An apartment will become your home by the added value of your personality. Our company, the Domus Optimus is committed to keep up with new inventions of the modern world. Consequently our homes are equipped with the latest innovations. Our choice is the smart home system of Smartme Fibaro SE edition, provided by Skyedge.eu. All the apartments are offered with Smart-Home Ready certificate.

We are happy to assist you to design your smart home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

public transportation


Several means of public transportation are at your disposal: subway M1 and M3, Tram 4-6, Bus 9, 105, Trolley-bus 73 and 76.
  For more information check the application
Bkk trip planner (navigation assistance of the Budapest Public Transportation Company).

We highly recommend the MOL Bubi public bikes share system, which opened up a new chapter in public transportation of Budapest. It is available for everyone 0-24 hour at 112 depos with 1286 bikes.


The 6th District where our properties are located can be characterised by a high concentration of cultural venues. Besides many theatres – with special regard to the House of the Opera – prestigious art galleries and out-door events are waiting the city dwellers and visitors. Numerous restaurants and pubs are open for those who are looking for gastronomy and other entertainments. Different kind and scale of supermarkets can be found in the neighbourhood as well. The most popular shopping mall, the Westend City Center is also in the vicinity, providing a wide range of offers, including clothing, electronic equipment or great time in the cinema.